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Halton Hill Generating Station

I drive by this station everyday on my way back from work and I noticed that it looked really nice from the highway... great for a night photography. So one day I decided to stop by and take a look. Unfortunately the angles I could get from the street were too dark, so I didn't even attempt to set up my equipment.

A few days after, during the weekend, my girlfriend asked me to go for a car drive... so of course I grabbed my camera as it was a great opportunity to go back to the generating station and see what it looked like during the day. It was a cloudy and dark winter day.
After setting up my camera for a few minutes, I took a few bracketed shots (which you see here as an HDR). I wanted to take a few more shots from a different angle and different aperture, but as soon I started moving my camera, a security truck on the inside of the facility approached the gates. The security guard got out and informed me that I was in a private property (the driveway) and asked me to stop taking pictures. I wasn't too happy about it, I mean, I could walk 20 steps and take the pictures from the street... but I ended up collecting my gear and calling it a day. I wonder what secrets they are hiding in there!?