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Halton Hill Generating Station

I drive by this station everyday on my way back from work and I noticed that it looked really nice from the highway... great for a night photography. So one day I decided to stop by and take a look. Unfortunately the angles I could get from the street were too dark, so I didn't even attempt to set up my equipment.

A few days after, during the weekend, my girlfriend asked me to go for a car drive... so of course I grabbed my camera as it was a great opportunity to go back to the generating station and see what it looked like during the day. It was a cloudy and dark winter day.
After setting up my camera for a few minutes, I took a few bracketed shots (which you see here as an HDR). I wanted to take a few more shots from a different angle and different aperture, but as soon I started moving my camera, a security truck on the inside of the facility approached the gates. The security guard got out and informed me that I was in a private property (the driveway) and asked me to stop taking pictures. I wasn't too happy about it, I mean, I could walk 20 steps and take the pictures from the street... but I ended up collecting my gear and calling it a day. I wonder what secrets they are hiding in there!?

Serbia Vacation - 2013

Yesterday while organizing some files I found some pictures from my vacation on Belgrade (Serbia) from early this year. These photos were taken with my older Canon 1000D, but they came out really well. Hope you like it.

Album - Belgrade, Serbia



Ducati Light Painting

I decided to play around at home with some light paiting. I used my iPad with an image patten on the background and a small flash light to light up the Ducati model. 

For this photo I downloaded a SMPTE color bar photo and maximized in on the iPad.


Sil & Mike

I was going through backups and I found photos I had taken for my sister when she was pregnant of my nephew. These photos were taken with my 1000D one year after I started with photography.

Album - Sil & Mike